Why do I feel like this?

My boyfriend and I have as perfect of a relationship as they can realize come for the most part, we respect each other, spoil each other, push each other to be better, help each other study, make each other laugh, we trust each other, and we remind each other how much we mean to one another constantly, everything’s great...but every once in a while I go through this phase where I tell myself I don’t actually love him; I know in my heart I do because I’d give anything for him to be happy. it just really hurts not being able to control these thoughts and I’ve told him before but it hurt him and he didn’t understand; so now I keep it to myself and I wait a few days and I get over it and I’m back to not being able to be apart from him I just feel so guilty that I feel this way. I feel like it’s because I feel like I don’t deserve to be loved like this but I don’t know I hate it.