Fifths disease

Rachel • Mommy to Anniston 💕 4/1/18

So last week my daughter's daycare called me and said a kid in her class had been diagnosed with fifth's disease which I have never heard of but I was told could be dangerous to pregnant women so they came out to my car and got her/dropped her off. Instead of researching it and getting all paranoid, I told my OBGYN at my appointment that day and he went ahead and gave me a blood test to see if I had it but told me most people were immune. Well, I have been laid up since Thursday with flu like symptoms only to find out today that my test was positive and those symptoms were in fact, fifth's disease. So now I have to go for a special perinatal diagnostics ultrasound tomorrow morning then consultation with the doctor to see if the baby is okay. He is moving so that's a blessing & relief but just wondering if any other mamas have ever heard of this or had it and been fine?! Less that 5% of pregnant women get it and apparently I was one of the lucky ones 🙃