How to pick up the pieces and move forward?

I found my person. We got engaged. We moved in. We got pets. We bought another house. We started a business. We merged lives. We made commitments to each other. We played we laughed we merged our families.

Happiest time of my entire life the past 3 years. We planned to get pregnant next year. This year we had a surprise pregnancy. I miscarried. He got his dream job as a cop just a month prior. Life got busy recently because of the schedule shift of no longer working together everyday. I wanted more of his time. He said I was unhappy and complaining about the shift of time - which I wanted more time but unhappy in the relationship feels like a stretch. In my view we were just having a tough time adjusting. I was at least.

He left me. He said he no longer wanted me as his wife and said I wanted too much or he was too lazy to give it. Just like that in 3 days he our pets and his belongings were gone. He said that me loosing the baby was a sign that everything happens for a reason. Like he took that as a sign ??? To leave???

He’s my best friend. The person I love most in life. The person I promised to spend my life with. I feel so alone without him.

My parents left me as a child. They didn’t have the time. And here 30 years later thinking I’m on dream world planet with my person.. got left. By the first person I’ve felt safe with literally in my entire life. He leaves with our pets our new property and our business. I’m here empty house empty soul. I don’t know how to put the pieces together. I’m struggling to want to keep going. Im working with a therapist. It’s just a horrible patch of life right now.

How do people do this? How do people function? Rebuild? Ever trust another human? I feel overwhelming grief. It’s been a few months. It honesty doesn’t feel any better since that day. I know people have been through much worse but knowing that doesn’t make how I feel any easier to experience.