Lost 😫

So my doctor won’t see me until after 8 weeks and I do have an appointment Thursday (I’ll be 10 weeks) and I get it. But I’ve had a miscarriage and I contacted them last week about side pelvic pain and this morning I woke up with heavy spotting. I have never spotted before, not when I miscarried, or in my last pregnancy, or during any of my periods. I called this morning and they won’t see me or do any blood tests. I’m slowly losing my mind. Do I stay with this doctor or do I find another one? I mean they won’t even check my hcg levels. I feel so lost and super scared since I have no idea what’s going on.

Update: spotting went away slowly and I had a doctors appointment this morning. Everything is fine and we saw the baby and heard a heartbeat. Doctor wasn’t considered and seemed like everything is safe.