So just a little back story. My 6 almost 7 year old daughter got transfered to a new school this year due to us moving. Well she ended up with lice and its been a horrible battle to get rid of them. I have done everything on my end to get rid of them but she ends up with them again. Mind you she never had lice or had a problem with lice at her old school. So i clean everything in the house, the cars, i clean her head 100% everytime she gets them and they check her before she can go back to class. Well as everyone knows getting rid of lice isnt a one day thing. It takes at least 2 to make sure you got everything cleaned and that the child doesnt have them anymore so my daughter has missed some school because of this issue. Now here is my problem.

My fiance's aunt always holds the holidays at her house. She messaged me this morning saying that she doesnt want my little family at this years get together because of the lice problem she had been having in school lately. Mind you she is 100% lice free at the moment. How would you feel or handle a situation like this? I feel like my kid is going to feel unwanted or unloved by my fiances family and i will die before i let that happen. I grew up feeling and being treated that way i will never allow my child to be put through that kind of torment. This particular aunt is the aunt in the family who is always in everybody elses business. Her granddaughters are the princesses who walk the earth and never do any wrong but when my child is around everyone is always on her because the other girls are always blaming my child for everything so they dont get in trouble with their nanny (fiances aunt). I just feel like i should stop going to his side of the families functions because my child is being singled out and im left to feel like no one wants us around his family. My feelings are beyond hurt and idk how to handle this situation.

My fiance and i have decided to stay home and have our own thanksgiving dinner with our daughter because we are just so hurt by how his aunt just straight up told us she didnt want us there because my child had lice previously and she doesnt want her grandkids to get it. Im just at a loss for words when everyone knows that i do as i am suppose to as a mom whos child has/had lice before.

How would you feel? How would you handle it? Do i have a right to be upset about this? This is the first time in almost 5 years that weve been told not to show up and idk how im suppose to handle it. If youve read this far thank you! I just need some advice.

Update: since i've commented there's no point in being anonymous anymore. I get what everyone is saying about her wanting to take precautions but my mother in law knows that my daughter is 100% lice free so for my fiances aunt saying my mother in law told her my daughter had lice last week was a lie. It Has been for two weeks thanks to me checking her head everyday. My daughter was also checked and cleared by her school nurse last week that she doesnt even have a nit! Ive done everything on my part to get rid of them. Im more so hurt because i feel like now that they know she has had to battle lice that they won't want her around period out of fear that she has it again. You guys haven't gotten to read the message she sent but the way she worded it hurt my feelings. I havent said anything to her about it. I get where she is coming from and my emotions as a mother protecting her child got the better of me. Im hurt for my child because now i have to explain to her that we will be having thanksgiving just me her and her daddy instead of with her cousins who she was excited to see. Im hurt that i have to tell my 6 year old that we are not welcome to the family get together this year because of something that was out of her control. Of course ill sugar coat it for her given she is only 6 but her feelings are going to be hurt. That was my main point. How would you handle your childs feelings being hurt by them not being invited to celebrate a holiday with her cousins? Either way i'm going to get answers that i don't agree with but i also don't want anyone thinking i don't appreciate the input. Any advice helps. Thanks ladies!💚