Sexual harassment


So I had a job at a restaurant and I found out I had thyroid cancer a few months back and had to have some time off for surgery and doctors appt, well when I went back a male manager had gotten my number from the book we use and text me asking when I was coming back and whatnot.. well then it turned into a conversation that I “owed” him for me keeping my days I wanted and stuff and he wanted sexual favors, I was pissed but I stopped texting and worked there for a few weeks still feeling uncomfortable, then he cornered me in the freezer one night and really made me upset because he tried to kiss me! Finally I just quit because I couldn’t take anymore! Thing is I’m not the first and the GM just overlooks the things and he’s never got in trouble and I didn’t even bother to do anything because I felt like it was a waste of time.. I’m just upset because people act like they don’t believe me. What is the world coming to??!! It literally makes me sick we live in a world that we have to deal with this.