Off the pacifier


So my son is 2 & he’s finally off the soother, I was so scared on how to take him off of the soother but for the past 4 days he hasn’t asked or wanted the soother, for the past 3 nights tonight he has gone to bed without it. The first night he handed the soother to me and said “no more soother mommy” and since then he hasn’t wanted it and won’t go to bed with it anymore, I’m so proud of my little chunky monkey because of how he turned away from it all on his own, and how he didn’t need it anymore. I’m only sad because it shows how fast he’s growing up and how big he’s becoming. Such a proud mommy moment!! 😍🤗

I’ll post a picture of my little chunky below to show how big and adorable he is, such an amazing sweetheart 🥰❤️