Type 1 Diabetic! Looking for help!


Any ladies on here type 1? Have any tips being pregnant and controlling your sugars? I was on strict keto before I got pregnant & my blood sugars were amazing. About 3 weeks ago they did a A1c and it’s still good. 6.5 but I don’t think I’ll be that lucky my next check. They gave me the go to stay on keto for my sugars and because I’m still over weight but I can only seem to keep down carbs. Keep in mind I was on a 20 carb or less daily intake so I wasn’t needing to take fast acting insulin for meals so my body is in a WTF mode with now taking insulin and eating carbs just to keep anything down. I plan to go back keto on Monday and just suck it up with getting grossed out about the foods. I just need help!!