I know I’m over dramatic but 🤷🏽‍♀️


So not to get into too much detail but there was an incident with the neighbors last night and we had to call the cops and get ask for a welfare check for the kids cause we suspect abuse and neglect. My boyfriend heard something from the children and it got to him and made him cry and be so upset. And now says he would take the kids in and raise them. (Know that isn’t a possibility) but he thinks he’s serious.

But anyways, I had a miscarriage in February and he never showed emotion, hardly was an emotion support for me. But he has so much emotions towards children who are now out of the house and he wants to take care of them and he wants my emotional support, which I am giving him.. but it makes me angry that he cares so much for these kids and not for the child we lost. Not nearly even close to the emotion he showed yesterday for a child he’s never talked to.

I’m pregnant again, and he shows no connection to me or the baby, but shows all the attention to the situation.