*TMI WARNING* Blood during sex?

So today I had sex for the first time in a little bit over a year, it hurt a bit at first for maybe a couple minutes and then felt good, my crush keeps asking if I’m alright and I just keep saying yes, and then he asks me if I’m sure and I look down and there is blood all over the bed, on my fingers, and on the back of his shirt. My period ended a week ago, I’m honestly so devastated that he doesn’t like me anymore because he told me after he left over text that it did freak him out but he told me not to worry. Now I’m scared that I’ll bleed every time I have sex. And to add guys, I’m not a virgin, it’s just been a long time and he was way bigger than my ex was for sure. I never bled with him ever. I’m just so humiliated and sad. Please help! 😞☹️