Daycare guilt before it's even started?


We went and revisited the daycare we had picked out before baby was born to introduce him to the providers. It is an in home daycare with a retired couple that will only have 6 kids at a time. They have a ton of teaching experience and they seemed great when we went with them originally a few months ago. Now though, after baby has arrived, I just feel so guilty and like they aren't going to care for my LO as well as I could and that LO won't get enough sleep with them and I'm just so scared and don't trust these complete strangers. My husband says he still really likes them and doesn't have any reservations making me think it is just me being overly protective. We don't have our first day until January 2nd (LO will be 3 months old) but I am already dreading it. Any other mom's out there doing in home daycare or any kind of daycare? How has it gone? Does your LO get enough sleep there? Am I doing the right thing? 3 months seems so young to send him away from me 😭