My mom has favorites and it shows

My mom always sided with my sister even when she is in the wrong. Whenever me and my sister are bickering or fighting because that’s just we do (we get over it in a matter of hours) my mom always makes me feel like I was in the wrong and that I was the bad guy. For example me and my sister are always taking each other clothes and I was getting really mad because she keeps them and never gives them back and I can’t even find any of my clothes I told my sister to give back my clothes and then I would give her back her clothes. And my mom told me I shouldn’t keep her clothes and she doesn’t even care about my sister having my clothes. And one year me and my sister got into a fight but we were just messing around and my mom got mad and so of course we told her it wasn’t a big deal we were just messing around and she told me not to start fights for no reason. And when my sister does something like play hits me and I’m not in the mood and I yell at her to stop my mom doesn’t do anything but if I hit my sister and she isn’t in the mood and she tells me to stop my mom will yell at me and I just don’t get it.

I have tried to distance myself from her but just gets mad and starts saying I am ignoring her and the last time I had a problem and I was crying I didn’t want to talk about it in the moment because she was in a bad mood she got mad and ignored what I was saying and zoned me out and acted like I wasn’t there it mare me cry even more and she got even madder. I am not asking advice I am just ranting