Would you phone midwife or L&D?

So I'm 31/32 weeks pregnant and past 3 days I've had period like cramps and lower back pain that comes and goes (1st night it lasted about 3 hours in waves) sometimes really painful where I can't move and sometimes a dull ache. I also have sharp pains in lower abdoman when sneezing or moving. I have also started to get sickness and diarrhea back I thought it might be a one off the other day but had it everyday for three days and I'm starting to feel really ill and dizzy.

I have a daughter and nearly late to pick her up from school because of the sickness today, so really only wanna get checked if Deffo necessary becuase of finding childcare.

Is this normal or do you think I should get seen, I don't know if I'm over thinking with seeing other posts about preterm labour etc.