It’s been a rough couple of weeks🙄


Need to get a bit of stress off my shoulders, so on the 14th of November my partners dad passed away very suddenly, we knew he was unwell but his passing just seemed so quick! He was recently moved into a care home because his need were to much for the family to handle he needed 24hr care and it was just not fair on him still being in the house cause we couldn’t give him the care he needed,this pregnancy has been a bit of a secret because we have had a previous loss and didn’t want to tell to many people, till we have had a scan and to make sure everything was okay with the little baba my partner just managed to tell him that we were expecting before he passed away what totally broke our heart cause we know he won’t get to meet this little one, we went a view him after about a week and got to say our final goodbyes and whatever we wanted to say to him what in the most kindest way was lovely we just sat and told him that this baby will always know about you and you don’t need to worry about that! And we know you’ll be watching over him/her so it comes up to the 26th and its the funeral all emotions higher than every the service was beautiful and he had a big turn out, all the stories of from over the years was great to hear again, but later on that night I had a bit of bleeding when I went to pee and obviously thought the worst was happening again went up to a&e and they took a urine sample and had a wee feel around and said I would need to go for a scan in the morning that full night was the most anxious night we’ve both had I had a little prayer to his dad to look over our baby and make sure it was okay so the next morning we get a scan, he was Defos watching over us baba is absolutely fine kicking away the midwife couldn’t tell us we exactly how far but her guess was 11+1 but we have our actual dating scan next week!! So will find out so happy baby is okay a honestly think he has a wee thing to do with it🥰