1st vs. 2nd

Zoe • Vegas Mama

I had my first baby at 18 (23 months ago) and I lucked out! She has slept through the night since day 1, as a newborn I’d have to wake her up and make her eat because otherwise she was always just happily sleeping. Sure she’s had her fussier nights but nothing like what I hear from other moms! The only times I can think that her sleeping had issues was during regressions but they only last a short while before she’s back to normal. She’s a toddler now so of course she’s bratty in other departments 😂 but in general she was the easiest baby! I’m due any day with our 2nd baby and my friend just had her first baby a month ago and OMG she’s up with him through most of the nights, he never wants to be put down, like she’s so exhausted 😩 this whole time I kinda forgot that my 1st baby was ‘abnormal’ and what if THIS baby comes out like the average new born and is awake through the night every 2hrs, what if this baby is more needy or clingy, what if this baby is just completely different from my daughter 😳😳 so many people joke that your first baby is the easy one to trick you into having more but then they come out harder and harder 😭 kinda getting more nervous now lol