Extremely grossed out right now 🤢🤮

**I want to preface this by saying I have NO IDEA how it happened to begin with and I wish I had taken better precaution to avoid all of this so please bear with me**

I was given some bath bombs and hibiscus bubble bath soap for Christmas and figured I’d use them this morning. I live with my in laws and their home has one bathtub so we have to take turns when it comes to showering or bathing.

Well I drew up the bath with bubbles and hot pink water from the hibiscus bubble bath soap. I got in and laid down to relax, getting my entire body and hair soaked...

Until I noticed floating tissue all around me.

Confused, I sat back upright and looked around wondering where it all came from. Then I turned around...

Floating in the bath water was a menstrual pad.

It was used.

And it wasn’t mine.

I froze, horrified in realizing what that all meant when I looked at the hot pink tinted water. It took every fiber in my being not to start gagging and dry heaving.

My MIL is literally the only other female in this house.

I know, if I don’t like it then save up and move out. Well that is definitely the plan and we will be moved out as soon as possible. I’m just.... in complete shock and disgust right now.

I need another wash.

Maybe a shower this time.....