Anyone else transitioning from crib to bed?


Anyone with an older baby/toddler that’s sleeping in a crib still that you plan to give your March baby? My 2.5 year old sleeps in a crib still, we’ll be giving our March baby his crib but not until September because we’ll room share for the first 6 months. Debating if I should transition my oldest to a big boy bed now, before baby? When baby comes? Closer to September? He’s day potty trained but doesn’t wake up at night to pee, he sleeps my like a CHAMP (naps 1:30-3:30, sleeps 7 pm-7:30am) so I’m hesitant to change things up right now but people keep suggesting I do it before baby comes. And some have told me to take his crib out totally, some have said leave his crib in there and let him decide. probably overthinking this but I don’t know what to do!