What do I do?!?

So I told my wife’s grandmother she could come to our first sonogram appointment. But now that it is scheduled, idk how I am feeling.

I don’t know what questions they are going to ask. And I will be worried about answering them honestly with her in the room. I don’t know what will be done. I do know that the first sonogram is vaginal and I feel very uncomfortable with her being there with my legs up. I’ve already made it clear to everyone that I do not want anyone in the birthing room but my wife and I when the baby comes.

But my wife needs her. She needs the support because she will probably freak out a tad bit.

Am I selfish for wanting this moment to be just between my wife and I? Is it bad that I’ve changed my mind on her going? Am I a bad wife to deny my partner her support system?

My solution was that she has to step out until the baby is already on the screen.