A little help?


So background, I’m engaged with a 15 month old and 7.5 weeks pregnant with our second.

My OH has gotten so cross with me today over 2 things and I just want to know what you think?

1. My boy was crying for me, crying mummy, and I was just finishing prepping dinner so he had to wait a little while. In this time my OH got mad at him for being ‘too whiny’. Once dinner was finished, I went into the living room and my baby came over to me so I cuddled him. My OH stormed out saying that I shouldn’t cuddle him because it’s teaching him that if he cries I’ll just cuddle him?! I tried to explain that he’s too young to understand that he shouldn’t cry for me and that I’d be there in a minute.

2. Having dinner and my baby doesn’t want to eat anything. Won’t touch any of it, but sat with us at the table whilst we ate.

If he’s not hungry... he’s not hungry🤷🏻‍♀️

My OH says ‘he hasn’t even tried anything yet, he has to try it before he can say he doesn’t want it’ - again I said ‘he’s too young, you can’t force him to eat’ and he said ‘I’ll sit here all night if I have to, he needs to try it’.

I took my boy upstairs, showered, milk and bed with my OH refusing to say goodnight.

He said ‘you never use my parenting skills’

This isn’t like him, but he’s doing my head in.

Am I looking at this wrong?

He’s not abusive and is normally really good with him. He’s been poorly the last week or so🤷🏻‍♀️