Super scared and nervous alcohol and weed 😟

Hi mamas🤗

I am exactly 6 weeks pregnant and found out a couple days ago (when I was 5 weeks and 4 days). It was a total surprise but I’m still so so so happy about it and couldn’t be more excited! But.. i do enjoy drinking and I spent the holidays drinking at holiday parties and gatherings and at my birthday dinners. My birthday is on Christmas. So I would say I was drinking heavily. I’ve stopped completely ever since I found out but still I’m just so so so scared.

ALSO 😪 my fiancé is in the marijuana business here in California. He also smokes weed (I never have and never will). So I guess I am around marijuana a lot. Plants, buds, smoke. I try my best not to smell it and avoid it. Is it a huge deal and a huge risk that I’m around it? Please help any advice would be so so so appreciated. Thank you and I wish everybody a safe and happy pregnancy 💕💕💕