Mfi and ivf

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I'm having a follow up appt with my re Wednesday and really want to pursue <a href="">ivf</a>. We have male factor issues:inconsistent counts and low morphology and ed. Last count had it at 2%.

We've done 2 cycles with assistance so far. One clomid + ovidril + <a href="">iui</a>. And one clomid + ti. The second cycle we couldnt do the planned <a href="">iui</a> because my husband couldnt produce a sample.

I want to ask about <a href="">ivf</a>, because I feel like iuis are not going to increase our chances much and when the nurse talked to me Friday she made the suggestion of using injectables for me....that's all well and fine but if I have 3 or 4 mature follicles and we cant even get to my husbands sperm, theres still no chance.

They offer surgical removal of sperm but only if we we're doing <a href="">ivf</a>.

Do you think I'm trying for <a href="">ivf</a> too soon? Or should I just give iuis more chances? Part of me is saying we havent given it the chance to work yet and the other part just wants to be a mother. We started trying april 2018. (Not every single cycle so we have 16 failed tries).

I'm also feeling pressure because I know my husband has a shorter lifespan. Hes on his second transplant each of heart and kidney. He made it past the 1st year, so he will likely get another 20 years before needing another transplant. So I really don't want to wait and give it another 3 or 6 months of trying something that has low chances of success.

I feel like I'm answering my own questions, but still want some sort of reassurance that I'm not trying to be too aggressive too quickly