Sleeping problems!! Help 😩

So I’m 11weeks to the day with my 🌈 baby! so we’re all very excited here! I have been hit and struck down with severe sickness and nausea to the point I cant leave the toilet or even the house for that matter! I can’t keep any food or liquid down without it making a quick return back up..

however this is not my main problem.. my problem is fatigue but not being able to sleep?????? Like seriously?

I go to bed at a decent time because I’m exhausted beyond comprehension, my body hurts like it’s never hurt before, every muscle is painful, my arms feel like they’ve been through a shredder!

But yet when I lay down at night to go to sleep I’m wide awake? Not only that, but I can’t for the love of me get comfortable!

Is anyone else suffering from the not being able to get comfortable? if so how did you kick it’s butt?

And the not falling asleep.. please tell me there is something I can do because I feel like a zombie! don’t get me wrong I am so so so grateful and beyond happy and I know it will all be worth it in the end, but I am struggling!

Any help or advise will be very very deeply appreciated

From an exhausted pregnant woman! X