Be careful learn from my mistake

Just found the baby monitor cord wrapped around my sons neck I feel terrible I thought it was far away from him and would of being safe it wasn’t it was wrapped twice maybe 3 times round his little neck I panicked instinced was to pull but that wouldn’t work of course I had to Unwrap it all while trying to hold back to tears telling my baby it’s okay your going to be okay I knew he was awake was looking at me but I was dark I couldn’t really tell if he was okay if he was breathing properly once I got it of him he started crying as did I it was horrible I’m meant to keep him Safe think about this stuff but I didn’t I’m glad I got there in time this could of being a lot worse but anyone reading this as yourself is the baby monitor wire far enough away? Learn from my mistakes I’ll be getting a wireless one and installing safely

I know most people aren’t stupid like me but honestly it was so far away I didn’t think he would get to it 😭