Breastfeeding with milk allergy/discouraged 😞


So I recently posted asking if there was blood in my babies poop. I ended up taking her and they confirmed she has a milk/protein allergy.

The dr said it was merely impossible to be dairy/soy free so I just need to give her formula.

My family and friends and making me feel like shit asking questions likes

“What’s wrong with you, you need to get checked out, your probably giving her something”

“Are you pregnant again?”

“You need to supplement something for her she needs to be more hearty”

“You should’ve started solids at 4 months you’re doing her a disservice”

“She can’t sit by herself yet? She needs to be fed something more nutritious so she can get stronger”

I’m just at a loss. Not to mention the whole dr appointment was the worst day ever. I got lost, took 6 hours to have them run test screening for cancer because she had blood in her stool but the dr never explained to me what labs they were doing. Then I get the stuff from the lab I have to attached a u bag to her to catch her urine and collect her poop, I do all that (so hard to do & it made me so emotional) I go drop it off at the lab & it’s the wrong test they didn’t even order urine for her & I needed to collect her poop In a different cup.

Then family is taking it personal saying I dont make them feel like family because I was scared after hearing them screening for cancer I didn’t want to talk about her symptoms or anything until I had those results back.

I’m just so exhausted. I’m beat. I’m trying so hard to do my best.

I already cut out dairy and I’m working on cutting out soy & just meal prepped my meals for the week so I don’t chance me being hungry & eating the wrong thing.

Anyone else breastfeeding & their little one have an allergy?

Am I selfish for continuing breastfeeding? Should I just give up & give her hypoallergenic formula?

Idk I’m just so sad, stressed, overwhelmed. Blahh.