Found Out The Gender!!!

Jessica • Athena Aryn Jae Ard born August 11, 2020 9 lbs 7 oz Married September 22, 2019 💍 Puppy momma to Nyx 🐶 and Theia Lizard momma to Kreature 🦎

Me and my husband are about to welcome our first baby due August 4, 2020 (my brothers birthday and our anniversary of when we got together, CRAZY) and we just found out.......IT’S A GIRL!!! Me and my husband are beyond excited to be welcome Athena Aryn Jae this year. 12 weeks 5 days and lots more to go lmao also I had a tear about 4-6 weeks in and at my last appointment it was completely cleared and I finally felt a HUGE weight lifted off my chest also found out my baby was measuring two weeks ahead which I am so grateful for it’s a blessing