My fiancé tried to harm me


Last night I wasn’t feeling well. My man and I had both gone to sleep at 4 something am Sunday and spent the whole day fellowshipping with friends. We both had coffee to stay awake. Neither of us was eating healthy, fast food and pizza had been our food all yesterday so I was feeling a little icky when we got home at 9:30. I laid on his lap and he rubbed my back and scalp then I fell asleep. I didn’t even take a shower. He fell asleep with me on the couch.


In my dream last night my fiancé was trying to hurt me😧. We were play fighting and I was on top of him talking and fake chocking him but he stopped laughing and I took my hands off and he said “why would you do that!?” And I was like “what? We are just playing lol” and he said You choked me for real! Why would you do something like that. And I said oh my gosh I’m so sorry and went to check his neck but he pushed my hand away and said “no, you know what you did. It’s okay I’m going to get you back though” then he started getting off the flier and proceeded to try and choke me! I ran out the front door of our house screaming like the silly girls who trip and fall in scary movies. I went from trying to get away in my car, to a golf cart, to running. All the while he was chasing me like Michael Myers, seemingly feet behind me coming in slow them suddenly right there with me. I ran through the neighborhood terrified and begging him hot to hurt me. We past other people and even ended up at a family event at one point. The gag is, around others he wasn’t threatening but in secret and whispering in my ear he still very much wanted to hurt me. But no one around suspected anything. So I’m hugging 3rd cousins and great aunts that I don’t even remember while trying to put on a friendly face as if my fiancé isn’t going to kill me as soon as anyone looks away for a moment. In real life my fiancé has never laid a hand on me. He’s hurt my feelings before and yelled but never ever physically harmed me.


Why would I have such a dream? What does it mean to have a dream where a loved one try’s to hurt or kill you?