Whats with it?

What’s with all these 16+ year olds dating 14 year olds?? Like I understand they might seem mature enough but I remember when I was a junior, my first week of school I had just turned 16, and there was this new boy. He was very tall, deep voice, looked like he could’ve been a senior, quite literally the hottest boy at school. So obviously my friend and I are checking him out any chance we get. Then here comes homecoming week, and this boy walks in with his little freshman shirt. Freshman. As in he likely just turned 14. As in his balls just dropped. As is homeboy just got his first armpit hair. I can tell you right now my friend and I have never felt more repulsed with ourselves fo even considering someone that young as attractive. It felt wrong!! I don’t understand how that’s less common now. There is a HUGE maturity difference between a 14 and 16 year old. 14 year olds are still children, they don’t need to be dating and having sex