My extremely long birth story part 2


Part 2

My nurse checked me and I was only like a 3 & 1/2 but I was barely having a minute between contractions it was so painful. I remember my family and boyfriends family coming in and out of the room and just hating it because I was in so much pain and hated people seeing me like that🙄 Thankfully the hospital had a rule that no more than 3 people including my bf could be in the room until the baby was born but a lot of the time I heard the nurse telling people they had to go because there were too many in the room. I was too out of it to know who was even there. I didn’t want any iv meds because I’ve heard stories of people just feeling extremely high but still feeling the contractions. It was maybe around 1pm when I asked for the epidural and my nurse said it could take them a half an hour so get there because the guy doing it was busy at a c section or something. I just remember squeezing the hospital bed as hard as I could through every contraction and trying to nap in between them. I was just exhausted and extremely thirsty. My boyfriend did a good job making sure to give me my water and he and my mom made sure I had a cold cloth on my head. I threw up a couple of times too which was horrible 😭 Finally the guy came to do my epidural and they allowed only my boyfriend to stay in the room but he had to sit across from me. Nothing about the epidural hurt at all and the guy doing it told me to let him know when I was having a contraction and he stopped what he was doing every time I started having one which was great. Pretty quickly my pain was gone. I didn’t lose feeling completely in my legs it just felt like they were kind of asleep but I still could not move them on my own. I was able to control my epidural with a button every 15 minutes I could press it if I felt like it needed to be upped. I was barely 4cm dilated when the nurse checked me and at that point my boyfriend, his mom and my sister decided to go to Wendy’s to get some food. A few minutes after they left my nurse came in and said something about the babies heart rate dropping and said she wanted me to get on all fours. I kept telling her I couldn’t move my legs but her and my mom helped me roll over onto all fours which was soo hard and felt so weird. They had me rock back and forth and I kept telling them that I felt like I needed to poop really bad. She had me go bet back on my back and checked me again and I was 9 & 1/2 centimeters dilated! I couldn’t believe it. It hadn’t even been 10 minutes since my boyfriend left and I was only a 4. I immediately freaked out and worried that my boyfriend wouldn’t make it back in time and had my mom call him. She called and told him and of course he didn’t believe her and thought she was joking 🙄🙄🙄I then got my phone and called him telling him we weren’t joking and we were serious and that he needed to get back and he kept asking if I was being serious and I couldn’t believe he thought I would joke about this😭 I hung up and started crying ( the first time I cried the whole time I was there) There were at least 6 nurses in the room prepping everything and I was just crying and worrying that my boyfriend wasn’t going to make it. One of the nurses kept telling me to calm down because my heart rate was either rising or dropping from crying...So I then had my mom call his mom to let her know we were serious and even she apparently thought we were kidding 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ A few minutes later my boyfriend was there thankfully. He and my sister ran through the hospital and got yelled at for running 😂 Everyone kept giving him crap for not believing me but I was just happy he was there. It took a while before I started pushing but there were nurses all over getting everything prepared. I heard them say my OB was doing a C section. I started to feel contractions again and begged my nurse to let me push the button again to up it but she didn’t want me to since I was so far dilated but after what seemed like forever of waiting for my OB she finally caved and let me push it. Eventually my OB came in and he was upset that I hadn’t done any practice pushes with my nurse and he also was upset with her for letting me push the button again and said he had so many other people in labor. I felt so bad that he yelled at my nurse because I begged to push the button 🙄🙄 Anyways he left the room and my nurse kept asking if I felt the urge to push but I literally never felt the urge. I eventually started feeling contractions again and she said she was going to put her fingers inside me and have me start pushing whenever I felt a contraction. I felt sooo much relief when I pushed during the contractions. I don’t know if it distracted me from the pain or what but it was like the best thing to push when I had a contraction 😂 I still couldn’t feel anything in my vag area thankfully I could only feel the contractions. She had me push a lot and I few times she told me not to push which sucked because the contractions felt like they were just getting more and more intense. Eventually they could see the top of my sons head and my boyfriend and mom kept looking, I yelled at my boyfriend to stop looking (even though throughout my whole pregnancy I always told him I wanted him to look when the baby started to come out and he always said he didn’t want to look. Funny how things changed😂😂). Also I kept apologizing because I felt like I was pooping and I blame those mall pretzels I had 😂 I could feel my nurse wiping the poop away which was so embarrassing to me especially since my boyfriend saw it but he said it was so small😂My nurse told me to feel his head and it was the craziest thing, I then asked if they could get a mirror so I could see and the second they brought the mirror out and I saw my hoo-ha all stretched and open I told them to take the mirror away I didn’t want to see anymore 😂😂😂 apparently my baby decided to turn his head sideways so I had to stop pushing and they had me get in my hands and knees once again and try pushing that way to get him to turn. Thankfully it worked! My boyfriend said he saw my sons head turn inside me and said it was the craziest and coolest thing he’s seen. Pushing on my hands and knees was sooo hard, I hated it and I felt like my butthole was going to fall out 😂😂 I got to lay back down and continue pushing with just the nurses and once his head started to come out more they sent someone to get my OB and he was very quickly in the room to take over. I think I pretty much had my eyes closed the whole time. He asked me not to push but I couldn’t help it at that point the contractions were crazy and every part of my body was pushing. I heard him say I was starting to tear and to stop pushing. This meant he was going to have to cut me which I was terrified of 😭 My boyfriend said he saw him pull out a big needle and he put it in my Perineum area and that’s where he had to cut. The name for what I got is an episiotomy and I think I had one stitch on the inside. I was so worried about the ring of fire everyone always told me about but I literally didn’t feel a thing. It just felt like I was pushing to poop and making no progress 😂 My babies shoulders were almost out and my OB told me to open my eyes and grab my son and pull him out😳