help! flying anxiety without meds!

hi everyone! i’ll be 20 weeks later this month when my husband and i finally take our honeymoon. my OB cleared it, but next week at my appt i’m going to have “the talk” w him about my anxiety.

for years i’ve had MAJOR flying anxiety. i was fine my whole life and then suddenly i wasn’t. i’ve purposely missed flights before, i’ve even paid $600 for my sister (ex flight attendant) to fly me back and then turnaround back herself when i was living cross country. one time a flight i was on got redirected for weather to a city two hours from mine and demanded the pilot let me off and i rented a car at 2am and drove myself home in the middle of the night. i’ve been prescribed xanax which lasted a long time for me bc i’d take half a pill w each flight.

prepregnancy i relied on xanax or mini bottles or medical marijuana to get me through even the shortest flights.

my husband is amazing and has flown with me pre-preg but at this point i’m ready to let the doc prescribe me a placebo just so i can try to trick myself into thinking i have something to keep me calm during my honeymoon flights.

has anyone had real success with natural or pregnancy safe anxiety aides or practices??? send me your secrets!!!!!