Dear Sierra and Alyssa


Sierra you are such an amazing friend. I just don't know if you care. I don't believe most people when they say they like me because I'm insecure like that. You yell at me and tell me to shut up and act like it's ok. And seem to keep secrets from me. You seem to just want Alyssa. When you first told me you liked someone you told me a fake name. Then you told me it was a joke you didn't really like that person. You also said you told Bella. That made me mad because you lied and I also told you secrets because you told me that.

Alyssa you are an amazing friend too. But I feel like you don't like me. In the group project today you and Kaylee didn't want to include me. When people do that and then ask me my opinion it makes me not want to help and go into a new group. You and everyone seem to have a close bond. Your really popular and I feel like you might think I'm that loser trying to hang out with the popular kid.