Dilation/induction question


Hi ladies. So, I’m getting induced on Monday, March 9th at 37+4 due to having Cholestasis. I went in for my check up this afternoon and doctor said I’m dilated to a 1 (last week I was completely closed) and baby girl’s head is down and engaged. With my first pregnancy, I went into labor but was not dilated at all. Was literally having contractions and in labor for hours and hours before ever getting to a 1. They had to give me Pitocin to get me dilated and even that took FOREVER. I was in labor for 30 hours and pushed for 2 1/2. My question is, if I’m 36+4 right now and dilated to a 1, is this promising at all that by Monday, I could be dilated even more? I know there’s no real way to tell as women could be dilated to a 1 forever or a 1 and go to a 7 in an hour.

I’m terrified of this induction taking days, so I guess I’m just looking for any success stories about people getting induced with their second if they were only a tiny bit dilated a week beforehand and it going by way faster than the first. Please drop me your induction stories!