My heart is broken

I’ve been seeing this guy for a few months. I thought things had been going great and I was really starting to fall for him.

He’s the first guy I had feelings for since leaving my daughter’s dad so this is really hard for me. He met my daughter, spent a lot of time with us and we both really liked each other.

Last night we were hanging out and I just had to ask him what we were. I told him I wasn’t interested in seeing anyone else and asked where he was at. He said that he wasn’t seeing anyone else, but didn’t know if he could ever call me his girlfriend because I have a kid. I just don’t get it... why would he let me get so close to him and ask to spend time with me and her, just to end it? I told him I’m ok doing what we’re doing and taking it slow, but he just is telling me now that he has to think.

He’s coming over later and I just have this gut feeling he’s gonna end it. I hate feeling like I’m not good enough or worthy of love because I have a 1 year old. He’s avoiding all confrontation about it right now and is just trying to talk about random things.

Single moms... how do you deal with the feeling of being rejected when dating someone if you have a kid? I know it’s only been a few months, but my heart hurts.