Anxiety, new baby & isolation


Hi all,

Just wondering if any other FTMs are currently isolating. I’m in Australia & there’s a lockdown declared in the next 48hrs. Totally understandable & very needed.

I am, however, struggling with anxiety, loneliness & worry.

I had my baby on 14 March, until yesterday it looked like I’d have to go back to work (I’m a nurse practitioner) and my partner (a chef) would stay at home with our son. Thankfully, his work has now organised to continue as a take away restaurant.

The MCHN isn’t visiting & our mother’s groups not running.

I’m also concerned about the impacts of COVID-19 on my newborn & my family.

Are any of the new mums feeling similar? How are you alleviating your isolation & loneliness. Would love to hear from people, even just for the social contact!