Hey glowing ladies,

Tomorrow I will be 9 weeks pregnant with my second baby, very excited. However, this pregnancy isn’t turning out as I expected. Beside my symptoms being different from my first pregnancy, COVID-19 is a thing! I want to feel happy, excited, and blessed, and I do! But, part of me is dredging the current situation. It’s really taking a toll on my outlook of things. Imaging how the world will be in 7 months? Things like when it’s time to have my baby, will my financial situation will fine? Will my family still have a house? Will my husband have a job?

As the MEDIA! It’s plastered everywhere, which of course I understand, WORLD CRISIS here, but none of the news I have seen, read, or heard have mentioned the large amounts of people who have recovered. I understand they’re sending awareness but at the same time it’s feels like if you get it there’s no hope for anyone. Right now, I think those facts would help some of us out. And don’t even get me started on the T.P. situation!

I know and acknowledge the fact I have a life growing inside of me and I’m immensely grateful to God for that but at the same time I can’t shake those thoughts out of my mind. I’m really trying to stay positive but social distancing is really not helping! I’m obeying however. Anyone else feel the same? Anyways, thanks for reading, if you did. Wishing everyone positive vibes, 💚