Husband abuses alcohol

My husband loves to drink beer and those hard seltzers. He will go some weeks without drinking but when he does it, it will be a 2-7 day binger, depending on his length of time off work, and will drink cases daily to a point where it could be hundreds of beers by the time his binge is over. There is no in between for him. He is either piss drunk for days or stone cold sober for weeks. I have tried to teach him to drink in moderation but he has this feast or famine behavior with it, exactly like a binge eating disorder, alcohol is like his “trigger food” and once he has a beer he spirals and another part of him takes over. I am of course worried about his health and fear that he may stop breathing or aspirate one night but I feel hopeless when I even try to reason with him or ask him to stop, and before I know it he has downed several beers and past any point of return. Alcoholism runs in his family and while he doesn’t fall into the class of dependent alcoholic, he certainly fits alcohol abuse, it can be for any type of reason... boredom, emotional baggage, holiday. Now that I type this all out it feels really bad to read back on. I have talked to him about it, and asked him to stop, it used to be a large issue for us and I have thought about leaving him for it, but of course he will go weeks without it and then things are great, but then when it happens I feel like I don’t have my partner with me and I’m lost again. It’s turned into this cycle and I am honestly feeling numb to it now. I guess I’m just looking for someone to relate to maybe share some positive support? Sometimes I wonder if my feelings are even valid? If he even hears what I ask of him or if he’s just drowning my needs out with his selfish thoughts. I want to pack myself and my kids a bag and drive over to my moms but with the pandemic that doesn’t even feel like an option.