Newborn schedules HELP!

Maude • •👼🏼C 💙•H🌈•B🐻

I’ve got a bit of time before baby arrives but I’m curious what is your schedule/night routine for new baby. I don’t have a very good sleep schedule and I’m trying to teach my self to go to bed at 10 right now so I can get ample enough sleep before I need to be at work at 8am. I want to start to find a routine and begin doing it before baby so the transition isn’t as difficult. Easier said then done I’m sure lol. Anyways new mom so I have no idea and I know each baby is different so we’ll need to adapt! But tell me your routine. When you sleep, when you are up in the morning. When does your newborn usually nap etc. just collecting data. Also bonus if you live in Utah. And any tips also on adjusting to new baby sleep schedules and routines I’ll gladly take!