What would you do (read description)

While I was exercising with my sister she kept on being rude and saying I have a frog face whenever I get irritated because we were doing to same stretches and wouldn't let me do what I wanted to do. The next day she tried saying it's my fault for being sensitive and that my stretches were probably stupid. She went on to say what she always tells me that I look like a boy and that she has a brother (even though I'm a girl) she also started to criticize my body and call me fat and say my favorite show (Steven Universe) is for 22 yr old that are creeps who like to dress up like someone's imagination and that they are all LGBT+ and if I continue to like the show I would become one of them. I would like to stand up to her but since she's older I cant do anything due to my culture that I have to do what the older one says cause I'm younger. I need help

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