6 DPO and symptoms after ovulation


Period May 1st

Ovulation:May 13-14 at peak (fiancé did not pull out for the first time in 7 years, never been pregnant or scared no birth control regular cycles 27-28 always

1DPO fatigue dozing off

2DPO more fatigue called out of work slept until 12 NOON (meanwhile I work from home)

3DPO less fatigue just tender nipples

4DPO nothing abnormal other than what I listed

5DPO woke up out my sleep at 5am (shocked) literally felt like implantation pinching in center of uterus or like I felt the sperm implanted followed by mild cramping all day long some gas last night

6 DPO full bladder or fullness in uterus, used the rest room multiple times from 8am-5pm only drunk maybe a liter of water, and hunger. Not cramping like I did yesterday (tested negative today but I literally peed on stick)

Called and made a dr appointment for next Wednesday to have a blood test.

Gas and period like cramps this time

7DPO feeling like it’s the Tom cramps and mild nausea

(Negative test)


Never been pregnant and never had a scare.

I feel 100% like I conceived and I guess this would be the first try.