This hurts to even ask. But ladies I need prayers. Not so much on conceiving even though I would love nothing more. But I had trouble with my first one after a cervical cancer surgery and multiple others deeming it hard to get pregnant. I had my miracle baby number 1 who is now 4 years old and unfortunately my now ex husband was a narcissist and had a brain injury (from a seizure-not taking care of himself) the day I found out I was pregnant. From the injury he became more abusive immediately. He ended up hitting our son at 2 years after consistent verbal abuse. (I wish it was me that was hit) After that happened I planned my escape and got an apartment. I left and was awarded full custody. He now has some bozo doctor saying he is fine and is taking me to get 50/50 and pay his fees which I can’t even afford my attorney but he lies about his income. He was never there, never at one single appointment for our son. Can’t hold any responsibility. And has lied about everything. He constantly wants to use our child as a pawn to hurt me. It’s awful.

Full disclosure for anyone else feeling this pain, after this, I have met the most incredible man ever and we want a family and yes we want conceiving ASAP. But it’s so hard with this unknown that my little guy could get in the car with someone else who is abusive and could go into a seizure any time. I need prayers that I can say this is over (completely) and complete my family. My heart and soul are tired. This emotional and financial battle have killed me. I need prayers. Please.