I’m a bad mom...

Let me just start off by saying that I am prochoice because I know how it feels to not have that mental support when it comes to having an abortion.

I got pregnant with my son a year after I had my daughter. I was on birth control. I debated having an abortion because I knew I was not ready for another baby. I went to the main family members that meant the most to me & spoke to them about having an abortion. None of them supported me or the idea, so naturally I felt alone & without a choice.

My son turns one on Monday. It sounds very harsh but at times, I wish I would have listened to myself & did it anyways. Sometimes I feel like I can’t handle him, and sometimes I feel like I wish it was still just me & my daughter.

I NEVER, EVERRRR, let my feelings get in the way of how I treat him though. He is treated the exact same way I treat my daughter. I love him to pieces & would never cause harm to him. I’d actually kill someone if anything ever happened to him. He’s my kid, after all.

I just feel like such a bad mother for having these thoughts. I’m a single mother. My daughter isn’t even 3 yet. It just gets so hard sometimes.