Feelin kinda down today...


I’m not sure if I should post this hear but, I’m going to..

I had a miscarriage in March, after trying for 8 months. When it happened everyone was all “don’t worry, you’ll get pregnant even quicker this time like within the first few months” “don’t worry, atleast you know you can get pregnant!”

Then most ladies would tell me how fast they got pregnant after their miscarriage.

But, I’m in month two after my miscarriage and nothing, I’m now in month 10 all together.. and I know we all go into to ttc like it’ll happen so quick, and for some it does but, for others we find our selfs so many months down this road feeling so defeated in every way possible.

I feel like more and more people I know are pregnant and having babies. It just really sucks when they say “ it happened so fast” and you’re on the other side wishing it would...

I don’t know, just needed to rant I guess.. just everything about the ttc process is so much work and stress now it’s not fun anymore