Ftm Rant

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Any one a ftm that’s due in 6 weeks or less and is terrified! Like about labor bringing your baby into a world that’s extremely sick rn and having to cope with everything.scared to go to work because you might get it or give it to your baby or family. I’m so ready for my baby to come so I can finally meet and kiss her sweet lil face but another part of me is like please stay in there another 9 months just until things calm down. I’ve been stressing so much about it that I don’t even have a name for my baby nor do I have a hospital bag packed and I’m 34 weeks like she can come and day/week now and I feel so unprepared. I have all the big things diaper wipes car seat etc. but the small stuff I’m just having the hardest time getting it together. Everybody keeps asking me about a registry and baby shower and I totally forgot you even suppose to have one. I don’t even feel the bliss of pregnancy don’t get me wrong I’m so grateful for everything it’s just weird to have that feeling during this time sorry for the long rant I just had to vent I really don’t have anyone to talk to besides my fiancé so.