Spotting 5 days before period was due never got heavy got lighter

Starting spotting first day creamy pink after sex

Next day put a liner on and had scattered blotches looked rust red so never got heavy

Day 3 I put a tampon in pulled it out after 4 hours only half the tampon was wet and wasn't soaked through and it had a snot looking clot red mucus

Had anal sex this day and usually it'll make my flow heavier but no it didn't push anything out during sex besides light pink spotting with cm

Put a tampon in after just in case and between 7pm.and 11 pm dry it hurt and I couldn't get it out at first

The pictures are from day 4 the first two were in the morning after sex next was in

the afternoon

2 days later had vvl pink watery when I wiped nothing since

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