Relationship issues

So I’ve been with my boyfriend for about a year and a half. Not long but also not short. At the very beginning he said he wanted a baby eventually. Then about a year he said he didn’t at all. I was very conflicted but decided to stay with him because I love him and thought maybe I could convince myself I didn’t want one. It wasn’t working and I’ve talked to him multiple times. Well a few days ago I almost broke up with him but we talked for a while and he said he’d start thinking about it. He’s said he wants to travel to so many places and go back to college and everything. So it’d probably be 10 years or more till he might be ready.. and with how easy he changed his mind the first time I’m scared that’ll quickly change again and I don’t wanna wait that long and then be pushing trying to find someone to have a baby with and everything if he changes him mind again. And it’ll hurt more if the relationship ends at 10 years than just a year and a half. I know this is a mess. I really love him. But I also cannot imagine my life without at least trying. It’s breaking my heart trying to decide which way I should go.. does any have any suggestions of what we could do?