Proud of my boyfriend🥰

My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over 2 years. When we first met, he weighed 160 lbs. His diet was super unhealthy (monster energy drinks 3x a day & working out 3x a day & eating very very little). I eat very well and my metabolism is very fast so ive never had a problem with weight (I’ve weighed 115-120 all through high school). Within the first year of us being together, he gained 50 pounds because his body wasn’t used to him actually eating food. He was super unhappy with himself and felt so bad about his weight... I never stopped loving him and supporting him. We started lifting weights together about a year ago. So far, he’s lost about 30 pounds of fat and is gaining muscle. He learned how to eat the right kinds of foods to keep his body going during all of his workouts. He’s struggling to lose the last bit of belly fat, but I’m so proud of him for sticking with it! He’s very happy with himself so far and he’s proud of his body! I’m very very proud of his progress🥰

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