Dom always wants to be on top. But, I WANT TO ride him.

Help a girl out here. I need some ideas on how to get my Dom to let me RIDE him. Tie him down to pleasure him, etc. I consider myself a switch. I can be submissive. Play into his kinks. Be a southern Belle he craves. But, some times I have the extreme urge to dominate. To be in control. He never allows me, to. He always wants to be in control. If I initiate sex with foreplay & climb on top... He ALWAYS flips me into position he wants.šŸ¤¦ I get BORED as a submissive. I want to experiment, play, switch things up. Choking, hair pulling, spanking, tying down...all good. But, I want him to feed into my desires once in a while. I have a leather fetish. I'd love to get him in chaps, tie him down & ride him until he fucking blows!!!! Suggestions?