I just want a hug..

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Y'all, 2 months ago at 19 weeks i lost my baby girl..ive been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks ever since and countless trips to the ER. It's been 2 months and this whole time i thought i was okay and couldn't pin point why i was so sad. I stopped crying a week after we lost her and started to just feel off. now when i cry i feel so good..I had to be honest with myself and admit that its her 😭 i miss my baby. I felt her first kick the weeks before i lost her. I miss waking up and having a reason to eat breakfast, which sounds weird to some but i don't eat as soon as i wake up lol. I miss shopping for her. I miss the excitement i had for her nursery in our new home thats being built. I miss imagining her playing with her big sister and my oldest girl having somebody to bond with like me and my sister do. I miss my belly and all the morning sickness and body aches and cravings...I feel so embarrassed, undefeated and let down.I was apart of the August 2020 group and it hurts to see everyone progressing without me..why me? I lost another at 6 weeks before her but it didn't effect me as bad. I miss my baby. all i think about is her little face and the little features she had when she came out. She resembles her sister so much. I always think about what her laugh would've sounded like and what her smile would've looked like..her cry and her favorite things in life. Im balling right now writing this. All that i have is an urn to hold everyday and think about her spirit thats inside..I miss you Zora Alexandria Gorman 💜 My mom was head over heels when she found out that she was going to be a grandma and sadly passed away a year after my baby was born. I have two angels now & I know she's giving Zora all of the love that me and her daddy wanted to give her. My heart is so broken.