he called me misinformed ab the world ?

i had my bf over earlier in the week and that night, my mom and i got into a small political argument. she’s a republican and i guess i’m classified as a liberal and he over heard our discussion obviously. with everything going on in the black lives matter movement, our president, the virus and just society all together, there’s obviously things going on that people have opinions on.

i’m black and he’s white, we both have very different backgrounds, and we have NEVER talked about politics in our relationship until today when he brought up what was said between my mother and i. He told me that i thought “everything was racist” and that i “don’t see the whole picture on things” and that im “misinformed on what’s going on in the world”. I didn’t bring the topic up and i really didn’t respond to what he was saying i just sat and listened so all of this was just coming out.