Moving in before marriage

Bianca • ♥️

This has always been controversial in my family. When I seriously brought it up to my parents, they were really upset and told me I didn’t know what I was getting myself into & that I should be married before moving in. I usually am a people pleaser when it comes to family and I’ve always done what they’ve wanted me to do, but this time I just ripped the bandage off and put my foot down.

- I’ve been w/ my bf for 4 years

- Im 22

- graduated college

- have a career

Everything was just justified in my eyes. But now.. I think some regret might be settling in. He bought a house for us and we split everything which I love, b/c it makes me feel like a big contributor. But at the same time, It’s just really hard getting use to the

- lack of excitement he has for me

- the lack of sex we have

- him getting annoyed with the small things I do

- and the expectations he has for me

Rn I work 8-430 or 5 and he works from home 9-5. During the week in college when I had my own house I would casually clean, meal prep and relax after work then Saturday and Sunday would be deep cleaning days.

He comes from a really tidy and anal family so he expects me to cook, clean everything and constantly be doing things around the house everyday after work.

For example: after I cooked dinner one night I was gonna leave the dishes in the sink only until we finished watching a movie but he told me I should wash the immediately because he hates leaving dishes overnight. I explained how my intentions weren’t to leave them overnight and he told me I should wash it immediately anyway. He told me when I leave dishes in the morning after breakfast to head off for work it annoys him because he has to see it since he’s working from home and can’t focus with them lying there.

I wonder if this kind of routine is normal for other people. I’ve just never lived with someone so anal about things and it makes me feel insecure about the way that I live because he mentions it in a condescending way.