Should I message her?

Ok so back when I was 14 (I’m 30 now) I had this really good friend. She was from Iraq and came from a strict Muslim family. She was one of my best friends. Well when I was 14 I started going through a boy crazy phase. Thinking back on it I totally regret the way I acted and am actually embarrassed. But because of that and her being Muslim her brothers banned her from talking to me. She phoned me saying she considered ignoring her brothers and carrying o with our friendship but then she said since I cared about boys so much it just wasn’t worth it and that she would likely get in big trouble hanging out with me anyway. At the time I felt bad but I was young and didn’t want to get her into trouble so I stopped talking to her. Well fast forward to 15 years later and I still feel guilty for throwing our friendship away like that just so u could let a few boys mess with my mind. Ugh. I found her on Facebook and she still has some mutual friends with me. She now lives in Iraq and is married with children. I also have kids now and am in a relationship. So we’ve definitely grown up a lot since then. Should I message her? Or is that just bringing bad memories up? She was so nice and I actually miss her. Ugh why was I such a dumb teenager. I honestly hate my teenage self, I was so stupid.